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Monday, August 27, 2012

Royal Flush!

Greetings from Vegas!

Ms. Duck and I arrived Saturday around lunch time, picked up our bags (all of them this time... Yea!) and rent car, and made the drive out to Sam's Town.

It was too early to check in, so we headed over to the TGI Fridays in the casino and split a Jack Daniels grilled chicken sandwich, which hit the spot!

With an hour left before we could check in, we found a couple of nickel video poker machines that had a $520 progressive jackpot for a royal flush, so we sat down. No more than five minutes later I was dealt A-K-T of diamonds, plus two trash cards. I tossed the two and watched the J and Q of diamonds fill in my royal and a $520 payout!

That's a nice start to the trip.

Yesterday we moved to the Venetian and will be here for the duration of the trip. Before driving over to the strip, Ms. Duck and I played at Boulder Station and the Cannery casinos, then drove over to Sunset Station, which was a beautiful casino. Ms. Duck won a nice $173 jackpot playing a penny "Cows From the Planet Moolah" slot machine.

Last night we made our way over to the Orleans, where I donated almost $100 at their Pai Gow table. I was doing pretty well, but then a new dealer started pitching cards and kicked my butt.

I then joined Ms. Duck for some more video poker and adult beverages and hit four aces for a $100 pot on a quarter machine. We thought that was a good time to call it a night and made the trek back to the Venetian.

So, I've been here a day and a half and haven't played one poker hand. That just ain't right and something that will be rectified today :)

I don't know if I'll be posting any MLB picks while we're in Vegas. I have a netbook with me, but it's agonizingly (is that a word?) slow and it takes quite a while to do the research. We'll see.

Till next time, win the flips.
If any of you bloggers that are in Vegas this week and want to get together, please leave your contact info as a comment (I won't publish it) and I'll give you a shout.


  1. Wow -- great start to your trip! Warm up the poker tables for me ...

  2. WTG Lucki. Wish I was there too. Kick some ass on the poker tables and better luck on the table games. A few more royals on the video poker wouldn't hurt either. Good luck

    1. Thanks Neo. Yeah, royals always help the ol' bankroll!

  3. check out hooters aces cracked 2-6am and play with ur fellow bloggers

    1. Sorry Tony, I'm too old to be playing poker that time of night :) Good luck!