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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coaching Session

Ms. Duck and I slept in and got started late yesterday morning. After stopping at Harrahs to play our "Alice in Wonderland" penny slot again (the results were not so good this time), we walked to the Cheeseburger Factory for lunch. After spliting a burger we headed in different directions, with Ms Duck hitting the Miracle Mile and Forum malls and I strolled over to Ballys to play a few hands with Coach.

I got there a few minutes early and was seated immediately at the $1-2 table. Coach arrived right on time, but there weren't any open seats, so we decided to walk over to the Flamingo. The poker room there was hopping, with seven or eight tables going. Coach and I opted for a $2-4 limit game so we could visit and not have to follow the game as closely as we would at a no limit table.

There weren't any seats available, but as soon as the floor realized that Coach was in the building, they opened a new table and seated him right next to the rail so his vast fan base could follow his play.

No doubt that Vegas is Coach's world and the rest of us are just living in it :)

We played for about three hours, sharing both poker, sports betting and life stories. Coach has an engaging personality, with a great sense of humor, and it seemed like half the players at the table already knew him. I left to take Ms Duck to dinner and had booked a $35 profit, which puts me down $10 for the trip at the poker tables. Coach was down a little when I left, but it was a pretty soft game, so I imagine he turned a profit before his session ended.

I enjoyed visiting with you Coach and hope we can get together when I'm visiting the desert again.

Ms Duck and I ended up eating at the cafe in Treasure Island. We had planned on driving over to Ellis Island for the steak dinner special, but decided to save that for today. She also wants to drive out to the M-Resort, which we visited our last trip and both liked.

Thursday is our last full day in Vegas. Hopefully, it will be as profitable as our first day here was!

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. GL on your last day. Did Ms. Duck buy stuff at Zappos? I use their mail order - didn't realize they had brick-and-mortar stores.

    1. Ms Duck said that Zappos has an outlet store in Vegas. Who knew?

  2. I just realized that Rob will enjoy that I'm giving you an alias... ;) Had a great time - say hi to Texas for me!

    1. LOL! Just don't call me "Prudence!"

    2. Coach gave Lucki Duck an alias? Where? When?

      I suggest "Silly Goose".