Current Lines

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride

I've been running pretty good lately, but haven't been able to ship a tournament.

Out of my last six $6/18 mans tourneys, I have three second places and three bricks. The good news is that with the $50+ profit, my Full Tilt account is at a new high!


Thank you rakeback!

I did win the $5 tourney at Tin Man's house last night. We got down to three players, Bluffing Bev, Josh and myself. Both of my opponents were very tight and I was able to steal quite a few blinds. Bev busted out for third place, and I won when my A-8 drew out on Josh's pocket nines for a $20 profit with the win!

I'm leaving for the WSOP on Monday. Ms. Lucki Duck and I have two nights comped at the Orleans and three more free nights at the Rio before moving to the South Coast for our last night. No freebie there, it's $80 a night. I'll be participating in event #54.

Wish me luck... I'll need it!

Happy trails.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Congratulations! It's A... Gall Bladder?

Ah yes, Father's Day 2010.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon in Central Texas. I was trimmimg the hedges in the front yard when Ms. Lucki Duck comes outside and announces that she's not feeling too good. Her condition deteriorates over the next two hours and she finally decides she needs to go the emergency room.

We arrive at 7:20 and the doctor sees us within 20 minutes. The diagnosis was easy, because she had seen her family doctor about her gall bladder a month ago and was scheduled for surgery in 2 1/2 weeks.

The doc prescribed some heavy-duty pain killers which did very little for her pain, but did make her sick. I could tell the pain was incredible when she started holding her breath, hoping to pass out. Soon the vomiting became the dry heaves and after almost 4 hours, she was admitted to the hospital. Once she got a room, she was given Toradol, which finally eased her pain, but made her sick again.

After a restless night, her surgeon arrived around 7am Monday morning and told her he would remove her gall bladder later in the day. At 2:30 pm CDT, my lovely wife delivered a 1 lb, 2 oz... gall bladder. Ms. Lucki Duck is home now, doing fine... the gall bladder, not so good.

I took that sucker out behind the hospital and stomped it flat! L'il Bastard, hurting my wife like that. I don't think so.

Ah yes, Father's Day 2010.

Happy Trails!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Live!

Played the Friday night $5 tourney at Tin Man's house.

I couldn't get any decent cards early and was pretty much a folding machine. After the blinds ate up about 20% of my stack, I doubled up with A-3 in the BB. The flop was 3-3-K. I checked and the Philly Phanatic checked behind. The turn was an ace, boating me. I bet 1/3 pot, hoping Philly had an ace. He called. The river was a brick and I shoved the rest of my stack and was called by A-Q. Maybe Philly should have raised from the button preflop?

I was able to pick up a few small pots late to stay alive, but my 8-7 soooooted was called by Philly's A-K soooooted. Unfortunately for me, all four hole cards were diamonds. Of course, there were three more of the gems on the board, giving Philly the nut flush and knocking me out in second for a $10 profit.

The $2 cash game started well for me, with a triple up on my second hand when my pocket kings held up.

The most interesting hand of the night was between myself and Big Daddy, who had around a $40 stack, huge for a $2 buy-in game. I limped from UTG with A-Q of clubs, hoping Big Daddy would overplay a weaker hand, which he is prone to do. Philly Phanatic limped behind and Big Daddy raised to 70 cents. Both Philly and I called.

The flop was A-5-4, all hearts, and I bet $1.40 into a $2+ pot to see where I was. Philly called, which put him all-in. Big Daddy also called.

The turn was the 7 of spades and I checked. Big Daddy shoves.


I have a pretty good read on him and he looks uncomfortable. I have a $7 stack left, so this is a big call, one I eventually make. Big Daddy tables pocket kings, one of them a heart, giving him the nut flush draw. The river is an offsuit 6 and I rake a nice $16 side pot, with Philly winning the main pot with A-7 for two pair.

Overall I left with a $23 profit. Not bad for a $7 investment. If only I could do that well in the stock market!

Happy Trails.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Played with a bunch of clowns in the Ronald McDonald House Charity Tournament last night.

I found out that pushing pocket nines into pocket cowboys is definitely -EV! I think I ended up in 39th... a long way from cashing.

I did win a couple of $6- 18 man tourneys, so it was a profitable night overall.

Leaving for Vegas in 10 days. Ms Lucki Duck and I are going out early for the WSOP Event 54 that I'm entered in. We'll be at the Orleans a couple nights and then move over to the Rio for 3 days. Finally, we'll spend the last night at the South Point, which we've never stayed in, so that should be interesting.

Happy trails!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tin Man Tourney

Entered a $5 "small potatoes" NLHE tournament at "Tin Man's" house last night.



"Big Daddy" knocked his girlfriend (or maybe ex-girlfriend now!) out on the first hand when he turned two pair (A-T), felting girlfriend's TPTK (A-K).

We were down to four players (paid three) when the "Philly Fanatic" (Eagles fan) and "Tin-Man" got it AIPF with Philly dominating with a bigger ace. But, alas, they chopped it when both made a straight, keeping Tin-Man alive.

A couple hands later, I shoved my A-Q UTG for 4BB and was called by Tin-Man's A-8.

Of course, there was an 8 in the window and I didn't improve and was left with only 30 chips. I survived one more AI, but busted on the next one.

The cash game was much better for me, buying in for $2 and cashing out for $25. Nice! I kept making hands and getting called down by second and third pair by "Philly Fanatic," "Big Daddy" and his girlfriend (Debbie). That's a profitable combo!

My son came along to play for the first time in a while and cashed in the tourney, but lost a little in the cash game. It was fun having him around and hopefully, he'll join us again soon.

I hope everyone's having a fun, safe, and profitable weekend.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Movin' On Up!

Happy days in Houston! My Astros (also known as the Disastros) are on a winning streak and have moved out of the cellar!

Thank you Pittsburgh.

Mind you, it's not as exciting as lightning's Stanley Cup post, but I'll take what I can get. Look out Brew Crew and Cubbies... you're next!

Poker tourney at Tin Man's house tonight. I'll share any interesting hands.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pitching A Few Cards

Ms. Lucki Duck and I have a home business called Vegas...To Go!, which provides casino parties to the locals and helps us pay college expenses for our kids.

Wednesday, we are providing the equipment and dealers for a NLHE Charity Tournament. It's for a friend, so we are doing it at cost, so the organization will make as much as possible.

The play at these types of tourneys is atrocious, with players calling down an all-in with 8 high... seriously.

Usually, about half the field has never played poker before, so play is slow because of player's questions and having to constantly explain the rules. Splashing the pot is always a problem as well as improper raises, etc. However, we try to keep it light and make it enjoyable for everyone. After all, they are there to support the charity and have a good time.

I'll be sure to post any unusual plays. And I'm sure there will be plenty!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


A short night at the Very Josie Tourney, but still alot of fun!

I started okay, but things went downhill when I switched tables. I lost over half my stack with A-A, when Coop rivered a straight. I bet all the way, but couldn't shake him. He checked his rivered straight (pretty sneaky Coop), but I didn't fall into his trap and checked behind.

I was gone by the time Coop and Waffles got into a hand that, apparently, Coop sucked out to win. Waffles went ballistic and Coop decided he had had enough and has disappeared like the real DB Cooper. I hope he will reconsider because I really enjoy his posts, and I hate to lose one of the "old guys."

My final hand was T-T. I raised and was reraised (don't remember the name). I called, knowing that if there were no overcards, I would shove. Flop was 6 high, I shoved and was insta-called by A-A. I didn't improve and was felted in 13th.

Even though it was a short night, here's a big shout-out to Josie for hosting the tourney. I'll get 'em next month!

I played another $10-18 man tourney (no knockout) and shipped it for $72, so it was a profitable night overall.

In non-poker news, my son graduates from high school tomorrow evening. It sure went by fast! Big ups to him for a great accomplishment and good luck as he begins his college career. The bad news is that I now have two in college. The 'ole wallet is going "OUCH!"

I hope all of you have a great weekend and win lots of $$$ on the felt!