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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Too Much Tony!

My week got off to a rough start yesterday morning. I hopped in my truck, (it's a law that each family in Texas must own at least one pick-up) turned on the CD player and had Tony Bennett crooning thru my speakers. Tony had been singing for several days, so I decided it was time for Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel to take the stage, (pretty eclectic tastes, no?) and I hit the "eject" button to give ol' Tony the hook.

That's when things went wrong.

Not only did the CD not eject, but now it wouldn't even play, so I was forced to listen to "Mike and Mike" on ESPN radio, or drive in silence.

It sure was a quite trip :)

I did get the CD to play again, but still can't get the player to spit it out.

Now, I like me some Tony Bennett... a lot. Hell, I LOVE Tony. But I don't want to be married to Tony!

Not only did he leave his heart in San Francisco, he left his CD in my player :[


  1. Could be worse, coulda stuck the Spice Girls in there by mistake

    1. Believe me Neo, if there was a Spice Girls CD in there, it would definitely be a mistake!

  2. Google it. There might be some way to eject it. The Internet is amazing.

    1. Yeah, I thought about that too MOJO. The best fixes I have found are 1) disconnect the battery and let everything re-boot, 2) try sticking another CD in while pushing the eject button to break loose the stuck one, 3) try hitting it.

      So far I've only tried #3. It didn't work, but was very enjoyable :)