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Friday, June 8, 2012

Pokerpalooza- Thursday Edition

We had eight runners show for our Tuesday night Pokerpalooza party (Thursday Edition) at the Duck Blind. Farmer Harry brought the food and M2 baked a mess of brownies, so we were well fed before tossing the first card.

From left to right at the table were J-Dawg, who was supposed to miss, but his softball game was cancelled due to a wet field.


To his left was Sam, who is Ray-Ray's brother in law, visiting from California, Stamps, Dealer Larry, Ray-Ray, Farmer Harry, Gentleman Jim, and Lucki Duck.

Omaha high was played a lot last night in this dealer's choice, $20 buy-in limit game, which meant it was a night of big hands. Ray-Ray hit a straight flush to the seven early in the game, and it held up all night to win the High Hand Jackpot. J-Dawg later hit quad fours, then Stamps topped him with four rulers. Jim managed four tens and I was able to win a nice pot with quad jacks.

Ray-Ray was the big winner on the evening, doubling his buy-in plus a little. Stamps also had a good night, as did Harry. Sam was the big loser, so I guess we're sending him back to the left coast a little lighter in the wallet. The rest of us pretty much broke even. I lost a dollar, but don't worry, I think I'll be okay :)

Tonight is the sixth of sixteen tournaments in our Vegas Or Bust Poker League. I've won the last four in a row and hope to keep my streak going, but it'll be tough. Expect a post over the weekend.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. I lost a dollar, but don't worry, I think I'll be okay

    Well, when you move from penny ante to nickle-dime, you have to expect greater variance. You'll manage I am sure with proper bankroll management.

    GL tonight!

  2. Waiting to hear results. Five???

    1. Details to come, but winning five tourneys in a row is hard!

    2. Yeah, especially when four is a piece of cake.