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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Helping Children Hear"

That's the slogan for our Heart of Texas Sertoma Club.

Yesterday morning I was able to witness one of the kids for whom we purchased hearing aids, get fitted and finally be able to hear normally.

In the picture below, Jonathan, a sophomore in high school, has his aids hooked up to a computer software program that calibrates the aids and customizes them to his specific hearing loss.

"You're going to hear some beeps and tones while I make some adjustments," explained the audiologist, Dr. Caviness.

"Can you hear me?" she asked, standing behind Jonathan and was immediately answered with an excited "Yes!"

"How does it sound?"


"Although your voice sounds normal to me, it will sound very loud to you for a few days. That is normal," she explained.

"Okay," Jonathan answered, not needing to try to read lips for the first time in his life.

Jonathan's mother, Jonathan, and Dr. Carrie Caviness

Not only did this young man receive a new set of hearing aids, more importantly he received an opportunity for a bright future.

And that my friends, is good stuff  :o)


  1. Recently bought a couple of hearing aids. Now I find out about getting them for free. Might have had some difficulty passing for a teen though. Nevermind.

    1. A shame it's based on a chronological basis and not mental make up. You'd be a shoe-in then :)

  2. That is great stuff Luckie. Good for you