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Saturday, June 23, 2012

MLB Picks, June 23rd

One game on the menu today that looks interesting. I'm not crazy about the run line odds on this one, but I'm going to be at the game, so I'm going to put a few dollars on it anyway.

$15 on Texas (Lewis)over Colorado (Outman) -1 1/2 @ -$125
Lewis is 4-1, with a 2.17 ERA at home this season and is 2-1, 1.50in his last three starts. Outman (was there ever a better name for a pitcher?) is 0-3, with an 8.41 ERA this year and is worse in enemy territory, sporting a 13.50 ERA. The Rangers have won 7 straight. The Rockies have dropped 8 of 10.
Starting Bankroll           $1,500.00
Profit/Loss                     $ 245.75
Current Bankroll            $1,745.75

Action is considered dead unless both listed pitchers start.

All picks are for entertainment purposes only with no guarantees implied. Any money wagered is at your own risk.

Good luck!

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  1. enjoy the game Lucki. You are crushing it at the virtual sportsbook this year.