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Monday, June 25, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Sonny Boy and I joined a group of Texas Ranger fans for a trip to the ballpark to watch the Rangers play the Colorado Rockies, one of baseball's worst teams. A favorable pitching match up had the entire bus breaming with confidence in a Ranger victory.

After 5 1/2 innings, we realized the confidence may have been unwarranted. The Rockies were knocking the cover off the ball and had built an insurmountable 11-1 lead. The home team came back with a six spot to cut the lead to four runs, but that's as close as they could get.

Even though we witnessed a loss, we still had a great time at the ballpark, father and son. Tough to beat an afternoon like that : )

We have tickets to next Saturday's game against the A's, so Sonny Boy, my daughter (Chic Genius), Ms. Duck, and I will hope for a win this time.

Not to be out done by MOJO, here are a few pictures of the day's festivities. Click on the picture for full screen goodness.

Rangers Ballpark at Arlington (Centerfield Entrance)

View From Our Seats In Right Field
Lucki Duck And Sonny Boy
We parked next to a train yard, so after the game we took advantage of a vacant Union Pacific locomotive. The hard part was trying to climb on the engine before the camera's 10 second timer went off : )

Finally, here's a shot of a van we passed on the way to the game. An example of Texan ingenuity at its finest!
I'm pretty sure the window unit isn't standard equipment from the factory! Hope that's exterior grade plywood :o)


  1. Didn't realize one could get that many hamster wheels in a panel truck.

    As to the game, it could be worse. You could be a Cubs fan like Sparky36. Cubs have losing to bad teams down to a science.

    1. Actually Ken, I'm an Astros fan, which was even worse than being a Cubs fan last season.

  2. Unlike Mojo, you didn't put down any of my fantasy players with an injury - much appreciated... :)

    1. Just send me your line-up and I'll see if I can put some "voodoo" on em!

  3. Replies
    1. Coming from the master, I'll take that compliment! Thank you sir :)