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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Snowmen Shot Down By Bullet

We had seven runners sit down at the poker table to play in Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney last Friday. Seated clockwise were Big Daddy, Ranger Rick, Philly Phanatic, Lil' Annie Okie, Tin Man, Music Man, and your humble scribe.

Philly started fast and busted Big Daddy first, then Music Man, Annie, Tin Man, and me. Don to three players, the blinds had gotten large and I pushed pocket eights from UTG. Ranger Rick folded his SB, but Philly said, "You messed up this time!" I was expecting pocket aces or kings, and was relieved when he flipped over A-Q.

The first four board cards were harmless. "I'm not worried," Philly said, "I'm gonna hit an ace on the river."

Uh huh.

The river? Ace of course and I was a dead duck.

Rick managed to come back from a 3-1 chip disadvantage to win the tourney when his 7-2 flopped trip sevens on the final hand.

The $2 buy-in cash game went much better for me. I had decided to play my 'A' game and throw away all the marginal hands I had been playing the past few weeks. My strategy worked well, and I was able to cash out with a $17 profit. Combined with my tourney buy-in, I came out $11 to the good for the evening.

I'll take it : )

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. Sounds like you need to be smoking some brisket again. But hey -- it is always better to end the night with the wallet a little heavier.