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Monday, April 2, 2012

Did You Dress Yourself In The Dark?

Even her dog wears accessories!
Anyone who knows me will tell you what a snazzy dresser I am. Yes, I do buy the $9 "Faded Glory" jeans at Walmart, but dammit, I make them look good! 

Fortunately, my college-aged daughter has picked up the fashion gene from me and has decided to share her gift with the world in the form of a blog.

Basically she discusses dressing 'chic' on a college budget. She explains how to look like you wear expensive clothes, but they're not. 

So hit the link here and take a look. Leave a comment, click on an ad, become a follower, anything to help kick off her entrance into the blogosphere.

Chic genius!


  1. I just became a follower but couldn't comment - is her TSU the one here in beautiful San Marcos, America? :)

    1. Thanks Coach! The TSU she refers to is Tarleton. However, I do have a cousin that goes to Texas State and loves it!