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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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We had eight runners show up for our Tuesday night pokerpalooza. Bobby Dee had hit the local deli and brought turkey and pastrami, both sliced wafer thin, just the way I like it. Add some lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, and mayo, combined with fresh bread, and it made for a tasty meal. My daughter baked some brownies for our dessert, so if anyone left hungry, it was their own fault.

We had the Rangers/Mariners game on in the background, which I was interested in because I had a little moolah on the game. It was good news/bad news, as the Texas victory was nice, but cost me ten bucks. Oh well.

I won a nice pot early to get off to a good start in this $20 buy-in, dealer's choice limit game, but gave most of my winnings back in a hand of hybrid Pai Gow. We had too many players to deal everyone the standard seven cards, so J-Dawg's rules were two cards up front and your back hand would be four cards. Straights and flushes count in your back hand. This was important, as my next two hole cards produced a four card straight and I three bet Ray-Ray's bet from UTG. Dealer Larry and Farmer Harry came along for the ride.

We capped the betting three times, and by the time it was over, Harry scooped the $25 pot with a pair of aces up front and a four card, king high flush behind.

Crap. I had half of it until he hit his flush on the last card.

Harry managed to give away his winnings by the end of the evening, finishing with a small loss. Cell was the big winner, pocketing a $32 profit.

J-Dawg had the High Hand Jackpot won until the last hand, with aces full of sevens, but Cell hit aces full of nines on the very last hand to take it away.

Stamps, Dealer Larry, and Bobby Dee all lost around $20, J-Dawg won $8, Ray-Ray broke even, and I had a nice evening, booking a $21 win.

Friday is our fourth (of 16) tournament in our Vegas Or Bust Poker League. I'm off to a good start in the league, with two firsts and a third so far. I should have a report up this weekend on how this one went.

Till next time, win the flips.

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