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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pop Quiz For Grrouchie

I went to visit a friend who is in a local hospital this afternoon. When I walked in, she introduced me to her "dear friend" who happens to be this guy.

After I shook his hand, she mentioned that he used to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I immediately started wiping my hand on my pants, trying to get the cooties off.

He laughed and said "Must be a Cowboys fan."

Well . . . yeah!

I know grrouchie is a big Steelers fan, so I thought a Steelers' pop quiz was in order.

One gold star if you can name the player in the picture. Another star if you can name from which college he came. Finally, a third star for the year he was drafted.

*no cheating*

Of course, any of you Steelers fans (all three of you) are welcome to beat grrouchie to the punch and steal (steel?) his gold stars.

Good luck!


  1. I'm not going to cheat, but that's an excellent way to spruce up your blog - Go Steelers! ;)

    1. Come on Coach, you're killin' me here. Steelers and Red Sox? Were you dropped on your head as a child? :)

  2. The only #30 i can recall offhand was Frank Pollard and I think that was early 80's

    being that I have no frame of reference for what era this came out of that's going to be my best guess (and only really).

    Unlike some Fans I'm not a vat of knowledge - I just love the game, the team and cheer like a maniac.
    Also, being that my main followings have started during the Bubby Brister years, I have blacked out a lot of early memories.

    1. Frank Pollard indeed! Drafted 1980 out of Baylor.

      Here's your star * (I lied, it's not really gold)

  3. Addendum - when I said "only" player I meant only "older" player. I know that Chad Scott wore the number recently and we had another young kid a couple years ago but he's been off the team for 2-4 years now I think

  4. I am a Steelers fan. Practically every time my Patriots played them we crushed their dreams and hopes.. so what's not to like about them!