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Monday, October 24, 2011

NFL Picks Contest- Week 7 Results

Week 7 of the Small Potatoes NFL Picks Contest is history. Wolfshead was MIA, which is a tough way to go out, but my understanding is that he was pitching cards in Atlantic City. So now we are down to five.

The rules change a little in Week 8. You can still pick from any of the teams, but you can only pick that team one time for the rest of the season. For example, if you pick Green Bay this week, they are "off the board" for you and you can't pick them again. I'll post which teams you have picked each week to keep someone from picking the same team twice and getting eliminated.

The contest ends when there is only one man or woman left. If there is more than one contestant left after Week 17, all survivors will recieve a tee shirt or sweatshirt with your favorite team's logo.

Good luck! Thanks for playing!

Very Josie
Inside Man


  1. Down to 5. So the game ends when there's only one WOMAN left? :)

  2. @ VJ- I believe the Vegas line has you as a 3-2 favorite to win it all :)