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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Record Night

We had 11 runners show up for J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza last night. I should have expected it was going to be a special night when I won the dealer button when I was dealt the ace of spades to start the evening.

Farmer Harry won the initial pot in the $20 buy-in mixed limit game when I dealt him the wheel straight on the river in a game of Omaha High. I lost $1 on the hand and it was the only time I was down the whole night.

I won the next hand, also Omaha High, with a king high straight and never looked back! It seemed like anytime I had a draw, it hit. Flushes, boats, straights, and quads... twice.

I also won the High Hand Jackpot. We were playing Pineapple and I looked down to find K-K-3. After several limpers, I raised to $1. No one folded and six of us saw a flop of K-K-A.


Farmer Harry bet out of position, so I didn't have to lead out with a bet. I smooth-called to disguise my hand strength and mucked my 3. Four of us saw an 8 on the turn. I checked, figuring Harry would bet. He didn't disappoint, but only Larry the Mailman called. The river was another ace. Harry checked and Larry bet what I was sure was a full house. One of the house rules is that you have to showdown your hand to be eligible for the HHJ, so I didn't re-raise, but just called. Harry folded and Larry tabled aces full of kings. I took down a nice pot with my flopped quads and the hand held up all night to add another $13 to my stack.

The most anyone has cashed out for in this game is $80, but I broke the record, cashing out for an amazing $88!


Friday is Tin Man's $5 Buy-In NLHE Tourney. Tonight will be a tough act to follow.

Happy trails.


  1. Congrats on the good night. Pineapple? Sounds more like Crazy Pineapple with the post flop discard. And you only called with the quads figuring he had aces full? With that hand you don't think he would have called any kind of bet on the basis of figuring a chop at worst or is he good enough to put you on quads?

  2. Nice job! Sure, you got good cards, but it sounds like you maxed them out.

  3. Wolfman- I'm almost positive he would have called, but it didn't seem to be worth the risk to win another $1 versus losing the HHJ, which usually runs between $12-15. It's a "bird in hand" thing.

    Memphis- Thanks! There are times when you just feel bulletproof. Last night was one of them!