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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Record Month!

The August multi-table experiment was a big success! I'm currently up to five tables without any downswing in my ROI.

As a matter of fact, my profit for August on Full Tilt (including rakeback) was $570. My previous high month was $400, so needless to say, I'm very pleased with the results!

Another benefit of multi-tabling is not having to witness the suckouts. I stack my tables, so once I make a decision, my TableNinjaFT program takes me to the next table that requires attention. So when the villian hits his two outer on the river, I never see it.

I think my blood pressure is down 10 points because of this feature!


As always, the Very Josie was a lot of fun. Just like last month, Josie had a good hand to shove with (J-J), but ran into my pocket aces.

Remarkably, the aces held.

Rakewell had the big hand of the night at the final table, hitting a spade royal flush, and getting paid off with it. Not to be outdone, MemphisMOJO hit quad aces a short time later.

My bust-out hand was pocket sevens. I shoved from early position with less than 10 effective BB and was called by Rakewell's J-J. Memphis came over the top of both of us with K-K and took down a huge pot, parlaying it into the win!

Congrats to Memphis for shipping the tourney, and also to Rakewell and Thorn In Side for the place and the show.

A lot of good players in this tourney. It's always a challenge and a very entertaining evening!


I played one set of five $6- 18 man tourneys after the Very Josie and was able to turn a $15 profit for the night, including the $11 I dropped at the VJ. A good start to September, which hopefully, will be another profitable month.

Happy trails.


  1. :o) Thanks Waffles.

    It was a pretty standard hand. I would have gone broke with J-J in that situation too.

  2. Congrats on August, nice job.

    Sorry about your 7-7 running into my K-K. You played it right, obviously, just unlucky.