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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout!

Life on Full Tilt is still good!

Sunday was busy, so I was only able to get in two sets (10 games). I played nine $6-18 man tourneys and decided to try one of the $3 "Step 1" tourneys. I had never played one, so I don't really know the proper strategy, but "what the heck, let's give it a shot," I thought.

I won two of the $6 tourneys, and finished second in two others. I also cashed in one or two more, finishing the day with a $123 profit.


The "Step 1" tourney wasn't a turbo, so it took longer than the rest. It was also an 18 man, with the top 10 winning another "Step 1" ticket, and the top four finishers winning a "Step 2" ticket.

I made the final table (which meant I was ITM and now free-rolling), with around 2,000 chips, 500 above my starting stack. The stack sizes were all in the 2,000- 3,000 range, except for one HUGE stack of 10,000 chips, which belonged to none other than Very Josie!

I was the small blind, and open shoved for 9BB with K-7 soooted. Unfortunately, the BB woke up with A-K. I wasn't able to hit my three outer and was down to 750 chips, or 3 1/2 BB.

Not good.

Josie gave me some good advice, "You need to double up!" Gee, thanks VJ! LOL.

I did double up, twice, which is what happens when you're running "hotter than a pepper sprout," and suddenly was back in it! The table was tight as we reached the bubble, and I was able to steal quite a few blinds from the player to my immediate left, keeping my stack at a workable level. Josie and her big stack was two seats to my left, so there wasn't gonna be any stealing from her.

After a third double-up, I was in decent shape and soon after, the bubble burst and both Josie and I were moving on to a "Step 2" tourney, which just goes to show... don't mess with poker bloggers!

And now, the "Man In Black."

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy trails.


  1. Hi Ducky!

    It was a riot seeing you at my table - talk about a small world. Glad you were able to follow my advice and cash. :)

    I was dominating that game! Too bad nothing extra for first!

  2. Yep, too bad. You had a stranglehold on that sucker!