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Monday, September 27, 2010

Online Poker Going Good! Live, Not So Much

We had a big crowd Friday for Tin Man's $5 Buy-In NLHE Tournament with 14 runners showing up.

I was seated at table two, which in front of the TV and I was able to keep up with the TCU/SMU football game while we played. Bondo Chris was seated to my left, followed by Music Man James, Philly Phanatic, Random Order, Ron, and Big Daddy.

Big Daddy and Debbie had missed the last few weeks, as they were attending high school football games. And believe me, high school football is serious business in Texas! It was good to have them back as they are both a lot of fun.

I was card dead the first couple of rounds, but managed to steal a pot or two to keep my stack at a respectable level. The pots were big at both tables and it didn't take long to get to the final table, which wasn't in front of the TV. FAIL.

The new table didn't change my run of bad cards, and I was unable to enter any pots since almost all of them were raised pre-flop. My bust out hand was Q-J soooted. I open shoved from middle position for 6BB and was called by Josh. Josh plays pretty tight, so I figured I was in trouble. My fear was confirmed when he tabled A-Q. I didn't improve and busted in ninth place. At least Josh used my chips well and ended up chopping the first and second place money. I managed to play the entire tourney without winning a showdown.

I couldn't see the $2 cash game being any worse than the tourney, but I was wrong. I had two new players to my left, both were loose passive players and I couldn't wait to get in a pot with one of them as they were calling all the way to the river with hands as weak as 6 high. Unfortunately, I still could not get any hands worth playing.

Finally, I was dealt A-Q UTG and raised 3.5X to 70 cents. One of the fish called and we saw a heads up flop of Q-6-9. I bet my TPTK, as I knew the villain would call anything. I didn't improve on the turn or river, but kept betting my queens until I got all my money in. I tabled what I thought was a winning hand, but my fish got off the hook when he flipped over pocket sixes for a set. Bye bye chips.


I managed to go thru five buy-ins without winning a hand.


I blame it on Bobby D. He went the whole night on Thursday at J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza without winning a hand and I was sitting next to him. Obviously, I was infected with his bad luck.

Hopefully, next Friday will be MUCH better!


I had a nice set last night on Full Tilt. I played nine $6- 18 man SNGs and had one fourth place cash and two firsts. In addition, I placed sixth in a $6-90 man KO tourney. Including rakeback and a Full Tilt bonus I received, I'm within $7 of my all time high bankroll. I hope to make a new high tonight!

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy trails.

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