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Friday, September 10, 2010

Tin Man Tourney

We had a good turnout for the $5 NLHE Tournament at Tin Man's house, with 13 runners.

I was seated at table 2, which is good, because it's in front of the TV. Pastor Henry was seated to my immediate left, followed by Bondo Chris, Sonny Boy, Philly Phanatic, and a new player, Chastity. Chastity hasn't played much poker and was making the typical rookie mistakes, such as overvaluing her hands and calling down three barrell bets with second and third pair.

Bondo Chris got into several hands with her and profited the most. I was card dead at the beginning before finally being dealt pocket jacks UTG. I raised 3X the BB and was called by Pastor Henry and Chastity. There were three undercards on the flop, so I led out with a T15 bet into the T21 pot. Pastor Henry mucked and Chastity made the call. The turn was another low card, so I tossed T30 into the pot and was called again. The river was an ugly ace, so I checked, hoping to show it down. Chastity quickly shoved her remaining stack.


I tanked for a couple of minutes, wondering if she truly had an ace or was she overvaluing a mediocre hand again. There was over T100 in the pot, but I would only have about T20 left if I lost the hand. I finally decided it was +EV to make the call and Chastity tabled a king high. Yea me!

We moved to the final table shortly thereafter. Bondo Chris bubbled in fourth and I finished third when I shoved from the SB for 9BB with J-8 soooted. A new player, Ron called with A-T. The flop gave him top two pair, but also hit me with an open-ended straight flush draw. Unfortunately, I didn't improve and that was that. Sonny Boy finished second, cashing for $20, with Ron shipping the $35 first prize.

The $2 buy-in cash game was wild and wooly! By the end of the night there was almost $80 in chips on the table. That's a lotta re-buys!

I was involved in the hand of the night. I limped with pocket eights from middle position. Philly Phanatic called, James raised, and Bluffing Bev shoved for $3.50. I called, figuring if I hit the set, I could take down a nice sized pot. Philly Phanatic and James also called, building a nice $14 pot.

The flop was K-7-7, with two spades and was checked around. The turn was an offsuit ace and was checked around again. The river was the beautiful eight of spades, giving me the full house and possibly completing a flush for one of my opponents. I shoved my remaining four dollars, but both Philly and James weren't on flush draws and mucked their hands. Oh well, a $14 pot ain't too bad!

I tabled my boat and Bluffing Bev commented that it was a good hand. I could tell by the excitement in her voice that I was in trouble. "But not good enough!" she exclaimed as she flipped over her pocket sevens, for flopped quads and started stacking chips.

UGH...women! LOL.

I lost $8 in the cash game, but won $5 in the tourney, netting a $3 loss. Pretty cheap for four hours of fun with friends!

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy trails.

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  1. she flipped over her pocket sevens, for flopped quads and started stacking chips.

    She bet it well - anything different and she would chase away the customers. Love the pic.