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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Party's Over

Well boys and girls, it looks like Lucki Duck's hot streak on Full Tilt has come to an end.

But what a ride it was!

After running hot for almost six weeks, I had two losing sessions last week and dropped a little over $50. Yesterday for instance, I got felted when my K-K ran into Q-Q. When things ars going your way, this hand holds up. You guessed it, queen on the flop.

I was sitting on 7BB when I called an EP raise with 6-6. The villian tables 3-3. Good call, right? Wrong. There's a three in the window and the Duck's goose was cooked. I must have bubbled half a dozen tourneys over the weekend.

One interesting (interesting = hilarious) hand I witnessed was at the second level of a $6- 18 man tourney. The player to my right was UTG and open shoved for 30BB (not the best move in the world, but it IS a $6 tournament), I fold, the player to my left calls, as does the player to his left.

The original raiser tables A-K, the first caller shows Q-Q, and the third caller,

the player that called a shove AND a call of that shove...

for 30BB, has...

wait for it...





4-3 offsuit!

I wonder what range he was putting his opponents on?

Flop? Why 3-4-4 of course!


Gotta love this game.


My live play is still going well. I won a little over $13 at J-Dawg's Poker Extravaganza last week. Farmer Harry won the High Hand Jackpot with a straight flush to the five. Nice one Harry!

I won Tin Man's $5 Buy In Tourney on Friday night, not because of great play, but great luck. We were late in the tourney when Tin Man shoved for 5BB from early position. Tin Man is a tight aggressive player, so I knew he had something decent, but because he was short- stacked, his range would be wider than usual. I looked down at A-T soooted and re-shoved to isolate. Tin Man tabled A-J and had me dominated.


It looked bad until a ten fell on the river, sending the Tin Man off looking for an oil can.

One pivotal hand occured on the bubble. Sonny Boy open raised 3X BB from UTG. Random Order folded and I called with pocket jacks. Ron also called.

I had decided that I would live or die with this hand if their were no overcards on the flop, which came 5-6-7. Sonny Boy checked, I bet 3/4 pot, committing me, and Ron called as did Sonny Boy. The turn was an ugly 8, but it was too late to turn back now. Sonny Boy checked and I shoved.

Ron tanked before folding his sucker straight (so he said). Sonny Boy also tanked before saying, "That nine is the worst card in the deck," and folding his set of sevens face up.


I wasn't going to show, but Random Order rabbit hunted the river, which was another jack, so I turned up my hand to let Sonny Boy know he had avoided disaster.

I won the tournament when I shoved A-5 and was called by Random Order's K-J. The ace fell on the flop and that was that.

Including the $2 cash game, I walked out with a $30 profit. Fun times!

Happy trails.

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  1. 4-3 offsuit! I wonder what range he was putting his opponents on? Flop? Why 3-4-4 of course!

    Unreal, but, hey, that's poker.