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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Riverboat J"

We had a new player last week, Jeremy, a friend of J-Dawg's. Jeremy seemed to be a good player, catching on quickly to some of the "unique" types of poker we play. He enjoyed it enough to show up again this week and brave the shark-infested waters known as "J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza."

We had 10 runners when we started, but added one more when David the Cable Guy arrived about an hour into the $20 buy-in limit game.

The festivities began with Bobby Dee's awesome brisket. The man is an artist with a smoker... big ups for Bobby! Some chips on the side and a couple brownies for dessert, and we were pitching cards.

My first two starting hands were good. The first was A-Q offsuit from early position playing hold 'em. I raised hoping to thin the field. It kinda worked as I ended up with three callers. I flopped top pair and a Q on the turn gave me top two. I lead out both times and was down to heads-up with Jeremy. A king on the river didn't scare me, so I threw in a $1. Jeremy raised, I called, and he tabled K-Q for the rivered full boat.


The second hand was Omaha, and I started with A-A-K-Q with two clubs. The flop brought me the nut flush draw and an inside straight draw. Needless to say I bet out. After raising the first two hands, not everyone was interested in folding this time. Even after raising pre-flop and post-flop, I still had four hanging around for the turn. I didn't improve on the turn, but bet on the come, thinning the field to just Jeremy and myself. The river was the club that I needed, but also paired the board. As in the first hand, I bet, Jeremy raised, I called, and he tabled another rivered full boat.

What the hell?

After my bad start, I stormed back, cashing out for $55, a $35 profit. Jeremy won the high hand jackpot when he rivered quad sevens in Omaha. He also rivered full boats on two other hands, that luckily, I wasn't involved in, which earned him the nickname "Riverboat J."

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy trails.


  1. The festivities began with Bobby Dee's awesome brisket.

    Terrific! And, you came home with some money in your pocket, too.

  2. Yep MOJO, pretty good night all the way around!