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Monday, May 16, 2011

Latest "Update" From Full Jilt

"US players are lined up at your doors, just like people did during the bank runs that started the depression. No money inside anymore?"- darlingm on 2+2

If you have any of your bankroll tied up at Full Jilt (I'm guilty), you are probably aware of the update concerning payouts to it's players the site had promised.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

When are we getting our money back?
- Here's the official statement about where we currently stand on US withdrawals:

"Since April 15th and the days immediately following, Full Tilt Poker faced numerous challenges and hurdles to ensuring the smooth operation of its international business and the orderly return of US player funds. FTP has worked tirelessly to address these issues and has made significant progress on both fronts.

FTP's international business operations are returning to normal while we focus on ensuring the safe and orderly return of US player deposits. We are absolutely committed to making sure that US players are refunded as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and the fact that we underestimated the time it would take to work through these issues. We will update our US players when we have more specific information to provide."

So, basically the update is that "we're working on it and will have another update ... sometime."

Feel better now?

And I loved this Q & A.
What about my cashout on april 15th that obviously hasn't come AND has not been put back into my account?!

- All cashouts that were never received (or checks that were received but couldn't be deposited) should be placed back into your Full Tilt account this coming week.
Holy cow! They're showing the withdrawals, but not sending the money? Wow.

Another concern I have is the Poker Players Association's stance in all of this. If they're looking out for our rights, why are they not putting pressure on Full Jilt to get this situation resolved?

Nothing but crickets from the PPA.

What's that you say? Two of Full Jilt's representatives are on the PPA board? Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson? The hell you say! Can you say "conflict of interest?"

How can we take the PPA seriously when part of the problem is sitting on their board? And they want more of my money? Do something for me, then we'll talk. Until then, it be as foolish to send money to you as it would be to make a deposit at Full Jilt.

Full Jilt, we already know you were unethical when you co-mingled player funds with operation funds. At least have the decency to tell us what's going on at your company. Tell us when to expect our money, or be honest enough to tell us the money is gone.

PPA, get Lederer and Ferguson off your board. Today.

Till that happens you can count me out!

(Hat tip to 2+2 for the quotes)