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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Full Tilt, Full Tilt, Wherefore Art Thou Full Tilt?

Did you get the same form letter as I did last week? Basically it said nothing other than "I got this, your money is safe, trust me," and "you'll be updated early next week on cashing out your account."

Today is Wednesday. That means we're past the "early" part of this week. Wherefore art thou Full Tilt?


  1. I think they will eventually pay up. UB/AP I'm pretty sure won't.

  2. Yeah, I think so too MOJO. They need to be more forthright with information though. "We'll get back to you" isn't a satisfactory answer.

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  4. @ry- Right now I'm more interested in getting money out, not depositing more :)