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Sunday, May 2, 2010

WSOP Seat A Little Closer

Just finished the fifth of six tournaments in the FTT League. As I mentioned in my previous post, first place is a buy-in to a $1,000 preliminary tourney at the WSOP, three nights at the Rio, and dinner with former WPT Player of the Year, Jon Little, who runs the website. I was leading by 20 points (310-290) over "beerocrat" after the first four with one other villain lurking with 240 points.

I played a tight-aggressive style at the early levels. With 15 minute blinds, there was plenty of time to wait for good starting hands and attack. The tourney started well for me, as the villain with 240 points got it all in pre-flop on the second hand with AKo versus pocket nines. The nines held and that was one less villain to worry about.

I stayed around my starting stack of $1500T thru the first few levels, and made it to the final table when "beerocrat" busted in tenth, which was good for 10 points. I was basically free rolling now. SAH-WEET!

After almost two hours, I busted in fifth when I pushed for 8BB from UTG with QJh and was snap-called by KQo. The J,J,T flop was nice for me, but Joker Stars dealt an A on the turn, giving the bad guy a straight. River was a blank and the Poker Donk3y (my PS screen name) was history. Fifth place was worth 60 league points.

The bad news is that I didn't cash. The good news is that I will have a 70 point lead (370-300) going into the final tournament next month. I'll update when I get a date and time for it.

Wish me luck, I'm getting close and first place is definitely not "small potatoes!"


  1. Congrats Duck. You can do it. Let us know the last event and if I am around I will watch it on FT

  2. Thanks coop!

    I'm pretty stoked to be this close, but I hate to have to wait a month to play the last tourney.

  3. Yessss -- you are in the driver's seat now. You have plaenty of time to make up your game plan, which probably should be roach ... roach ... roach.

    Good luck!