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Thursday, May 13, 2010

J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza Is Tonight!

Tonight is our $20 buy-in, dealers choice, live limit poker game at J-Dawg's house. We're having sloppy joe's and a few cold ones and then pitching a few cards.

Badugi will be in the rotation again. Hopefully, Farmer Harry will be okay with us dealing the hole cards face-down! I also enjoy double-flop hold 'em.

Our variation of double flop is simple. We deal two flops and you can play either. As a way to build the pot (this is a limit game), if any of the board cards pair, each player still in the hand has to contribute 25 cents. Then we deal one turn and river. You get a lot of big pots and big hands. Good times.

Here's a quick story about Farmer Harry. Our host, J-Dawg, has a small dog, a pug named "Moose." One night, Farmer Harry was out of the hand and walked over to the kitchen counter and opened up some trail-mix and started munching down on it. J-Dawg looked up and asked, "What are you eating Harry?"

"Trail mix" Harry answered. "That's not trail mix Harry. That's the dog's dinner!"

Of course everyone fell out laughing as Farmer Harry started spitting out dog food. I thought a couple of the older guys were going to need oxygen. Funny stuff!

It got even weirder when we left and Farmer Harry started chasing a car down the street!

I may have made the last part up ;0)

Win the flips!


  1. Funny story about chowing down on kibbles. Good luck tonight.

  2. Yeah, it was hilarious Coop!

    I'm just glad he didn't start humpin' anyone's leg.