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Thursday, May 6, 2010

LIVE Poker Tonight!

I'm about to leave for my Thursday night poker game. I guess you can call it poker as the cards take a back seat to the food and fun.

Most of the players are older than me (no comments Josie!), with some working for the Social Security Administration and a couple of them retired from the same, my accountant, an insurance agent, and a mailman. The night is filled with dinner, a few beers, jokes, and ripping on each other. And what could be more fun than ripping on a government worker or insurance agent?

It's a dealers choice game and some of selections I doubt that you're familiar with. Games such as Pineapple, Coconut, Omaha, 3 Card Omaha, Suck-Out, Double Flop Hold 'em, Stud, Razz, etc. It's a limit game, 25-50 cent blinds, that is a limp-fest. If you raise pre-flop (which I do...a lot), it's unbelievable the bitchin' and moaning it causes. Funny as hell!

After reading lightning's post on Badugi, I've decided to introduce it to the rotation tonight. There will be screaming and moaning... and mass confusion. I can't wait!

Click below to read about Badugi on lightning's blog.



  1. Hey -- how deep is deep in Texas? My oldest daughter will be moving to College Station in August.

  2. Ducky,

    Oooo weee that sounds like a fun night. If I were a little bit closer to Texas I'd be crashing that game.

    Funny enough I was just telling Gary about Badugi tonight and couldn't remember all the rules, other than you needed the low of each suit. Thanks for the link.

  3. lightning-

    "Deep" is Waco, about an hour away from Aggieland. Is your daughter going to attend A&M?


    Not many women could hang with this crowd, but I think you might be one of the few!

  4. I just learned how to play Badugi and love it.

  5. She was going to attend A&M but she ended up not getting the honors scholarship that we thought she was going to get. However, her main motivation for being there is her boyfriend. She is moving there in August but taking online courses from the community college in Illinois where I work.

  6. lightning-

    My son is also starting college at the local community college. Like a lot of kids, he doesn't know what he wants to do, so he'll get the basics there while he decides.

    Best of luck to your daughter. College Station is a nice community.

  7. Coop-

    We had a blast playing Badugi and I think it will be added to our game rotation.