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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Live Poker, Dead Cards

I had a rough go of it at J-Dawg's Poker Extravaganza last night.

Things started well for me, as I won the first pot of the night. "Stamps" was pitching the cards (dealer's choice) and announced "Coconut" for our first hand. Our version of Coconut is that you get three hole cards and can play 'em all! The board is run just like hold 'em. I had A,2,6 in the hole, with the A,2 both spades. Since this 25-50 cent limit game is a limp-fest, I limped from middle position, assuming I wouldn't get raised. I was correct and the flop brought two more spades. The betting checked to me and I bet .50 and had five callers. The turn bricked, but the river completed my nut flush. I bet out, but lost all my customers, not getting even one call. Disappointing, but still a decent pot.

It's always good to win the first one, but little did I know that I would only rake one more pot the rest of the evening. I was dealt trip eights in the hole in another game of Coconut, but the dealer, "Cable Guy," mis-dealt when one of the players ended up with four cards. Crap! I should have known then it was gonna be a long night on the felt. And it was, I went card dead, as hand after hand was nothing but garbage. Just one of those nights that we've all had.

Chuck won the High Hand Jackpot with quad queens. It's only Chuck's second time to play with us, so sorry, no nickname just yet! He hit it playing Omaha. There were three Q on the board, and Chuck had the fourth. Unlike in casinos, you only have to play one hole card to qualify for the HHJ. So it usually takes at least four of a kind to win it.

The food wasn't bad, chicken strips and country gravy with frys and biscuits. No dessert though. J-Dawg was serving White Russians, but I passed, so J-Dawg had mine too and was feeling no pain by the time the festivities ended!

Another fun night on the felt, but my poker roll shrank by $14. Oh well, get 'em next week!!

Win the flips.


  1. Sounds like you had a tough night. Never heard of Coconut but it does sound interesting.

  2. Yeah Coop, we play alot of games you probably haven't heard of.

    Don't even get me started on "Nekkid Coconut!"

  3. LOL. Hopefully Nekkid isnt with guys

  4. LOL. Naw Coop, it's just like Coconut, except you have one hole card "exposed."

    That's why we call it nekkid!