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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dr Pepper

A fun night of food, poker and side bets at J-Dawg's home game tonight.

"Farmer Harry" provided sloppy joes for dinner, which were very tasty, and "Ray-Ray's" wife sent some brownies with him for desert.

Heh. Health food.

The clock struck seven and the cards were in the air. I won a big pot when I rivered the nut flush in double-flop hold 'em. I also took down a decent pot with a queen high straight playing Omaha-Hi.

I walked away from the table with a $1 net profit. HEE-HAW! Now the question is where to invest my windfall. Perhaps buy some Google stock? Maybe Intel or Bank of America? Decisions, decisions!

I made a few bucks off of J-Dawg with my "Dr Pepper" side bet. What's a Dr Pepper side bet? I'm glad you asked!

Dr Pepper was invented here in Waco and the Dr Pepper museum is here (see above). The old slogan for the drink was "10, 2, Dr Pepper 4," which meant that these three hours were good times to drink one. Also, did you know that the Dr in "Dr Pepper" does not have a period after it?

Wow, you not only get poker stories, but a history lesson and trivia at no extra charge here on Small Potatoes Poker!

The Dr Pepper side bet works like this. I bet another player, even up, that a ten, two, or four will hit on the flop. I go on to explain that this is a good bet for them. I'm only taking 12 cards out of the deck, while they get the remaining 40. And I won't even ask odds on the bet. I got one customer, J-Dawg, and I won a few shekels off of him.

Trust me, this is a +EV bet in the long run. Grab a deck of cards and try it!

The Badugi game was mass confusion again. I dealt it a couple times and both "Farmer Harry" and "Dealer Larry" (so named because he was a blackjack dealer in Vegas years ago), kept asking,"How many draws do we have left?" "Dealer" took down the first hand with a strong 6,5,4,3, four card badugi. Nice.

But "Stamps" (our mailman) was the big winner tonight, taking home a little over $50 for a nice profit on his $20 investment. That included the "High Hand of the Night" jackpot he won with quad aces in an Omaha Hi game. The small blind goes into the "High Hand" jackpot each hand and the pot is usually $15-20 by the end of the night. A nice bonus!

Another fun evening of poker with friends. And thanks to my Dr Pepper side bet, I was winner... barely!

Win the flips.


  1. Sloppy Joes, brownies and $1 net profit. Sounds like a winning night to me!

  2. Ha! Good joke, btw. Sounds like it's about the dog on Coop's blog.

  3. Josie-

    Poker, food, fun and a profit. That's an evening that's hard to beat!

  4. AND you and I have a new follower!!! Suited Aces! Funny name, no?

  5. I love Brownies. Makes me hungry thinking about them.

  6. Josie-

    Yeah, I saw that "suitedaces" had signed on. Gotta love that! Thanks suitedaces!

    Pocket aces will bust ya' (eh, Coop), but suited aces will get ya' shot!

  7. They used to advertise that Dr Pepper also tasted good when heated up -- like a cup of hot tea in the winter.