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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad Play + Bad Luck = Bad Results

I had a rough session of poker on Full Tilt last night.

It started with the lively and fun Very Josie Tournament. Playing fairly tight (for a short-handed table) I was a little above my starting stack when we reached the final table. Not long after the break, I picked up TT in late position. Blinds were $50/100T and I raised to $250T. "Edgie," who had played a tight game thus far, called from the BB and checked a 9 high flop. I bet around $400T into the $550T pot, as my hand was "at risk" and I wanted to take the pot down now. Edgie re-raised me all-in for over $1,400T. Generally, Edgie had shown the goods when called down, but with only $1,000T behind me, I decided I was committed to this hand and called, hoping Edgie had A9. But, it was not to be as Edgie showed me the "slot machine" (set of 7s) and I was done. Nice hand Sir!

I think this may have been a loose call. If I fold, I still have 10BB left, but it's borderline either way. Folding an overpair late in a tourney is always tough. Was this a bad play? How would you have played the hand?

I also pushed pocket sevens late in the $6, 18 man tourney I played after the Josie and ran into AA. Unfortunately, it wasn't Coop that was holding the bullets, or I'm sure I would have sucked out on him!

Overall, I only cashed in one tourney and netted a $35 loss for the night. At this rate, poker may become an expensive hobby!

Of course, there's always tomorrow


  1. That's a tough call and a tougher fold. If you know he's tight and he's going over the top, yeah you fold that pair down. Smells of trips or a two pair.

    Glad you could play Duckie. Thanks again for the online tells. I was too afraid to use them against others but they helped me NOT show those tells. Me likey.

  2. I missed how you got knocked out Duck. Tough to fold and you just ran into a big hand

  3. Josie-

    Thanks for the feedback. Against most players, I'm not folding here, but Edgie had been so tight/passive, that I should have followed my gut and folded. Oh well, the banter during the tournament was certainly worth $11. Thanks again for hosting it.


    My felting wasn't nearly as spectacular as your AA losing to quad jacks! I think Cricket was just showing off to pull the fourth jack on the river!

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Yea, a rock and a hard place there. Over pair late with not a whole lot behind is tough to get away from even when you have that nagging feeling at the back of your neck. Fun game last night and even more fun chat. See you next month.

  5. Wolfman-

    Yeah, I agree. You're afraid you're beat, but there are some hands where you're ahead.

    Enjoyed sharing the felt with you last night.

    Thanks for commenting!