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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lucki Duck Wins Seat To The WSOP!


I just finished the WSOP Tourney on Pokerstars.

As I mentioned in a previous post, after playing a tourney per month since January, I was leading the league by 70 points over "beerocrat" and 120 points over "Carlysle" and "michael02865." The other 30+ players had already been mathematically eliminated, so these three were my only true villains.

First prize for the league champion is a $1,000 buy-in to WSOP event #54 (NLHE) on July 1st, three nights at the Rio, and dinner with website owner and former WPT Player of the Year, Jon Little and any other site instructors that are available.

Josie sometimes refers to some of my fellow bloggers (me included), as "nitty old men." That certainly describes my play in the final tournament. My strategy was to play extremely tight early, until I got below 10BB, figuring that if I could finish in the top six or seven, it would be good enough to secure the league title. This group generally plays at much higher buy-ins than I, and the play had been very aggressive in the past tourneys. I figured I would be able to sit back and fold my way to the final table, while these agro players took each other out, then re-access. I was so tight that every time I blinked my eyes, my toes would curl up!

"Carlysle" was knocked out early, so I had one less villain to worry about. Shortly after we reached the final table, "beerocrat" and 'michael" got it all-in pre-flop. "beerocrat" tabled QQ and "michael" flipped AK. The flop brought the most beautiful ace I've ever seen! The ace held and "beerocrat" was out in eighth, all but insuring me the league title.

I continued to limp along, occasionally stealing some blinds. We were down to five players and I was down to 7BB when I shoved from UTG with J8 suited. "Partyhair" called from the SB with A7 off suit, flopping two pair, turning the boat and felting me in fifth place. The weird thing about this tourney is the fact that my final hand was my only hand, out of 100+, that went to showdown.

"michael" went out in fourth and the final league totals were "Lucki Duck," 430 points, "beerocrat" and "michael", 320 points.

Vegas baby!

Win the flips.


  1. Oh My God Ducky! You're unbelievable!!!! (I bet you hear that from all the girls)

    Nitty old men rock.

    You sir, are very impressive.
    Congrats x 1,000,000

  2. Thanks VJ, I'm pretty pumped!

    GL in the BBT5 tonight.

  3. Congrats on the win. Good luck in Vegas

  4. Congrats, that's great! Nitty old men rule!

    I was so tight that every time I blinked my eyes, my toes would curl up!


  5. Oh and Ducky, you may have to change the name of your blog because that AIN'T small potatoes! :P

  6. LOL!

    I'll take it under advisement VJ!

  7. Thanks lightning!

    Right back at ya' for your BBT5 win!

    Nice work!

  8. Congratulations . Thats incredible. You will be free rolling in Vegas.

  9. Coop-

    "Free rolling in Vegas," I like the sound of that!