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Friday, February 26, 2016

SNG Challenge- Race to 100

I registered for a $3.30 Triple Up tournament on Bovada Monday night, hoping to nail win #15 to the wall.

I bled a few chips to the blinds early, but doubled up at the $25/50 level when I got my K-K all-in against J-J on a queen high flop.

Through the middle levels, I couldn't get any traction and managed to lose about 1/3 of my stack by check-calling in position with top pair, only to be outkicked.

Not exactly championship poker.

I won a few small pots as the blinds continued to rise. It was a tight table and we remained at five players for quite a while.

With blinds at $200/400/40, I pushed for $1,600 from UTG with K-5 soooted. The button, who was the tightest of the tight, called and I knew I was in trouble. He tabled A-K and things looked bleak for your hero.

The sun came out on the flop, which gave me a flush and saved my tourney.

The tournament ended at the $250/500/50 level when the short stack pushed with A-5 and was called by the dealer's Q-J soooted. The jack high flop put the shorty in danger and the final nail came when a queen hit on the turn.

Although I was fortunate to sneak in, I'll take it!

Till next time, win the flips.


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