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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SNG Challenge- Race to 100

I had some time Monday evening, so I fired up ye olde magic box for a little no limit Texas hold'em action on Bovada. My choice on this evening was a $7.77 Triple Up sit and go tournament.

I was card dead early, generally playing the role of Foldilocks, as I mucked hand after hand to raises and 3 bets. The action was wild and woolly, reminding me of the old days on Pacific Poker when times were good and the livin' was easy.

Having blinded off 70 chips from my original $1500 starting stack, I was dealt pocket aces in the small blind. Having played hold'em for years, and being the veteran of four WSOP tournaments, I determined this was a playable hand :)

Blinds had risen to $25/50 and I raised to $200 behind two limpers. The BB mucked, but both limpers bought tickets for my pocket rockets ride.

The flop was pretty connected, showing a 5-6-8 with two hearts. I fired out a bet of $325, receiving a call from one opponent and a fold from the second.

An offsuit 4 on the turn didn't slow me down and I pushed another $525 to the middle of the table, leaving me $380 behind.

The villain 3 bet me to $1255.

I was too deep now and quickly called which put me all in. The bad guy tabled 8-T of diamonds.

Guess he thought I was kidding.

The turn and river were harmless and I suddenly had $2960 chips and was in good shape.

The play continue to be free and easy, so we were down to the bubble (four players) quickly, with blinds only at $50/100.

On the final hand of the tourney I open raised from the button with Q-J offsuit. The small blind three bet to $555 and received a call from the BB. Both players had me covered and I didn't think there was much chance I was ahead, so I folded.

The flop was 6-A-9 and the fireworks began.

The SB bet $1000 and the BB shoved his entire stack of $3552. The SB insta called and tabled A-K for top pair, top kicker, a strong heads-up hand. However the BB had pocket nines and had hit the set.

Can you say "coolered?"

A 5 on the turn and a river Q ended the festivities and win number 9 was in the books.

Only 91 to go!

Till next time, win the flips.

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  1. Guess he thought I was kidding.

    It's amazing what they will call big raises or even all ins with. Btw, it is even worse in the $3.30 triple ups. I'm making the over/under around June 15.