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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SNG Challenge- Race to 100

One of my goals this year for Small Potatoes is to provide more poker content. The vast majority of entries the last couple of years has been sports betting related. Not that there's anything wrong with that (after all it's in the title), but I want to get back to the main reason I started this blog, which is to write about poker.

Back to the basics if you will.

I deposited a small sum on Bovada several months ago and have played a little cash, but mostly sit and go tournaments. I decided in December to do a challenge; win 100 SNG tourneys in 2016.

It's not hard if you play a lot, but my life has gotten pretty busy, which cuts into my online poker time. That being said, I only average 5-6 online tournaments a week, so I wanted to be sure my goal was realistic. Now that I have a month under my belt, I've decided to give it a shot.

I won seven tournaments in January, a little behind the pace I need to reach 100, but not too much. I probably won't get to start my February play until Thursday, but I plan to post each time I win and write about any significant hands.

Most of my play has been the $7.70 Triple Up SNG. Below is a list of the tournaments I won last month.

I hope this challenge will create more poker content here. And maybe put a little coin in my pocket along the way :)

Till next time, win the flips!


  1. Hey, Mr. Duck, hope things are well in your part of the world. Are you going to win a seat to the WSOP this year?

    I haven't played much online recently (I've taken up an addictive game called Boom Beach, and starting another called Goodgame Galaxy), but when I do, the $7.70 triple ups are fun and money in the bank. No, you won't win every time, but +EV. I look forward to your posts. I play real snug at first (when others play loose), and swing into action when the stakes get higher. Is this how you approach it? Also, early on, if I have a premium hand and there are limpers, I often go all in. You'd be surprised how often A-9 or some other marginal hand will call.

    Triple ups are different from other forms of tournaments, and I'd be interested in reading strategy/approach pieces if you'd care to share.

    1. Hi MOJO!

      Concerning the WSOP seat, I have a dilemma that will keep me from 4-peating in our league. League rules allow for two substitutions (for times you can't make a tourney). My son's college graduation interfered with one tournament, my daughter's masters degree graduation another, so I'm out of substitutions. My daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner conflicts with our final league tournament, so although I'm currently in second place (which would win a seat to the WSOP), the zero points I will receive for the April tournament will nail the coffin shut on my chance to win :(

      My play in the Triple Up tournaments is similar to yours. I will min raise and try to steal blinds if it's folded to me on the button or in the cutoff. Even if I get called, a c-bet on the flop usually does the trick. Otherwise, it's pretty much "Foldilocks" for me early.

      I haven't tried pushing a big hand early (QQ+), but will consider it next time the opportunity arises.

      Once the blinds reach 50-100, I open my game up. At 75-150, it seems things really tighten up, so I continue to be aggressive when in late position. Occasionally someone will push back, but overall it's definitely a +EV play.

      Nice job in your tourney in Tunica. Sorry your set didn't hold :(

      Good to hear from you my friend.

  2. Good job. I like their triple-ups...