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Friday, February 19, 2016

SNG Challenge- Race to 100

I had a little time last night and decided to fire up a $3.30 Triple Up tournament on Bovada.

I started slow, eventually losing a third of my $1,500 starting stack. I finally got a nice hand at the $50/100 level, peeking down at A-T in the small blind. There was one limper, then a laggy player raised to 300 from middle position. I had noticed he was opening wide, and I was hoping that was the case when I pushed all of my 1,090 chips in the middle. The limper folded and the original raiser called the additional 790 chips with 9-8 soooted.

Okie dokie.

The board ran out 3-K-J-K-7 and  I found myself in good shape with 2,380 chips.

My next big hand was at the $75/150 level. We were down to five players from the original nine. Two players limped and I pushed my $2,295 forward with pocket aces. The original limper folded, but the second one called the remaining $2,145 and tabled the dreaded pocket kings (© RobVegasPoker).

Can you say cooler?

Neither of us improved and I was leading the pack with almost $4,900.

I was active at the $100/200 level, playing three big hands to gain a stranglehold on the tournament.

The first hand I open raised from the button with J-4 suited, getting a call from the big blind. I whiffed the flop, but took it down with a c-bet.

Down to four players (the bubble), I open raised again from UTG with pocket queens. The BB called the additional $225, but folded to my c-bet on a T-K-J flop.

The last hand I played was 9-5 suited in the BB. There were two limpers that saw a 5-2-3 rainbow flop with me. The SB lead out with a $200 min bet. The limper folded and I called with my top pair.

A nine on the turn gave me two pair and I smooth called a $500 bet. The river ace was a little scary, leaving only a four needed for a straight. My opponent bet another $200 and I decided to just call. He showed down pocket tens and I had built my stack to $7,465.

Three hands later it was over as the two short stacks got it all in and win #13 was history.

Till next time, win the flips.

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