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Thursday, February 25, 2016

SNG Challenge- Race to 100

Saturday night I settled into my easy chair and registered for a $3.30 Triple Up tournament on Bovada.

I chipped up my $1,500 starting stack to $1,750 early when I hit a few flops. My first significant hand was at the $25/50 level. Peeking down at A-K in the small blind, I called a raise to $129 (yes, $129) from the cut off. The big blind also completed and we took a flop of 6-J-7 rainbow. I check-called a $150 c-bet from the cut off, and the BB tossed his hand in the muck.

A ten on the turn helped me a little bit and I made a $250 bet to put pressure on my opponent and for protection and received a call from the villain.

I *binked* the river when a much needed Q completed my broadway straight. I slid $620 chips forward and got the call I was hoping for. The villain tabled T-4 and I was the chip leader with $3,028.

Down to eight players at the $50/100 level, I was dealt Q-Q in the big blind. An aggressive player to my left open raised to $300 and the action folded to me. Thinking I might be able to trap, I smooth called the extra $200 and flopped the nuts on a 5-Q-2 (two spades) appeared.

I checked and was rewarded with a $393 bet from my opponent. I called and we saw a 3 of spades on the turn, completing a flush draw.

Once again I checked and the villain did likewise.

The board paired on the river when a second 5 appeared, and I bet $375 and got a call, with my opponent showing pocket eights.

Still with a healthy chip stack with six players left at the $50/100 level, I raised to $275 with pocket eights from the cut off after a limper, only to be 3 bet all-in for an additional $905 from the small blind.

I  called and was shown pocket tens. Neither of us improved and I was down to $2,666, which put me in the middle of the pack.

I recovered quickly, winning a nice $1,100 pot and knocking a player out when my J-T turned a straight and was called by a straight draw.

I knocked another player out when he open shoved for $239 from the button. I was the BB, so the extra $139 call was a no-brainer, even with my 9-4 offsuit. My 4 paired on the river, which was enough to run down my opponent's A-2 and we were on the bubble.

The two short stacks got their stacks in preflop, one with pocket nines, the other with 4-4. The nines rivered a set, but it was not needed and only for show, bringing the tournament to an end.

Win number 14 is in the history books.

Only 86 to go!

Till next time, win the flips.

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