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Monday, February 8, 2016

NFL Picks Contest- Super Bowl Results and Final Standings

Here are the Super Bowl 50 results and final standings in the NFL Picks Contest. Cereal killer Captain Crunch (see what I did there?) finished strong, winning his last 10 picks.

Congratulations Captain! You've got a NFL team logo tee shirt headed your way.

lightning36- Carolina (L 10-24)
TwoMinuteWarning- lightning36- Carolina (L 10-24)
Grange95- No Pick
cokeboy99- lightning36- Carolina (L 10-24)
Music City Momma- lightning36- Carolina (L 10-24)
Coach- lightning36- Carolina (L 10-24)
MOJO- lightning36- Carolina (L 10-24)
Vegas Vic- Denver (W 24-10)
Captain Crunch- Denver (W 24-10)
4th And Long- Carolina (L 10-24)
OneAndDone- Carolina (L 10-24)
angerisagift- No Pick
mrben09- Denver (W 24-10)

Here are the current standings;

Captain Crunch- 18-(7)+44-(2)+24+17+18+13+27-(4)-(28)+34+45+39+27+25+38+40+17+44+24= 453 pts.
mrben09- 18-(3)+44+24+34+17+28+24+27-(2)+26+34+44+48+27-(7)-(10)+11+16-(2)+24= 422 pts.
Vegas Vic- 18-(7)+44-(2)+24+17-(6)+31+27-(4)-(3)+34-(6)+32+27+14+17+40+17+44+24= 382 pts.
4th and Long- 18-(14)+50-(2)+24+24+18-(3)+27+11+38+34-(7)+31+27+25+38+40+17-(2)-(14)= 380 pts.
lightning36- 18-(3)+36+24+34+17+13-(3)+27-(4)+17+16+44+39+33+14-(10)+11+17+44-(14)= 370 pts.
OneAndDone- 11-(7)+36+13+24+24+18-(3)+27-(4)+38+34-(6)+32+27-(6)+38+12+17+12-(14)= 322 pts.
Coach- 11+35+44-(2)+16-(4)+18-(3)+27-(4)+20-(6)+45+39+27+14+16+11+16-(2)-(14)= 304 pts.
Music City Momma- 11-(14)+50-(2)-(1)+17-(6)+31+27-(2)-(3)+23-(7)+39+27+14+17+11+16+44-(14)= 288 pts.
TwoMinuteWarning- 16-(7)+44-(2)-(1)+17+18-(3)+27+11-(28)+28+45+31+27+14+17+12+17-(2)-(14)= 267 pts.
MOJO-  18-(7)+36+13-(1)+17+18+31+27-(4)+26+0-(6)+17+27-(6)+26-(17)+16+44-(14)= 261 pts.
cokeboy99- 18-(3)+36-(2)+16-(4)+13+11-(6)-(4)+38+34+13+32+27-(3)+16+40+16-(34)-(14)= 240 pts.
Grange95- 11-(7)+44-(14)+24+13+18+24-(6)-(33)-(3)-(6)+44+31+27+42-(30)+40+17-(34)+0= 202 pts.
angerisagift- 17-(14)+17+0-(3)+13+28+24-(6)-(4)+38-(6)-(3)+0-(10)-(7)+17-(30)+17-(2)+0= 86 pts.

All-time record score: 515 pts- cokeboy99 (2014-15 season)

Thanks for playing. Hope to see ya' again this fall!


  1. Wait until next year, lol.

    Cereal killer Captain Crunch


  2. Congratulations Captain! Thanks again Mr. Duck!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for playing Ben. Thought you were going to pull it off and beat all the Yanks :)