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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NFL Picks Contest- Black Sunday, Week 2 Results

Oh, the humanity!

It was an ugly Sunday for most of you, with the Patriots coughing up a big luge against the Cards. I mentioned in an earlier post how bad everyone did last season, with the contest ending only 9 weeks in, but that looks pretty good right now!

I listed ggrouchie's pick incorrectly, as he went with the Bengals over Cleveland. If the Giants hadn't made a miracle comeback in the fourth quarter last weekend, the contest would be over after two weeks with ggrouchie winning. And I'd have to purchase a stinkin' Pittsburgh Steelers shirt for him. Geez!

Here are the survivors;

Vegas Vic
Two Minute Warning

Here's the list of those who were toe-tagged;

Memphis MOJO- New England
lightning36- New England
Music City Momma- New England
One & Done- New England
Coach- New England
Very Josie- New England
Neophyte- New England
M Prosk- New England
angerisagift- New England
Waffles- New England

At least you can say you came in fifth :)

Good luck to the survivors! I'll need your picks by midnight tomorrow if you're picking the Thursday night game this week. Otherwise, your pick will be due by midnight Saturday.

Thanks for playing.


  1. You don't know how excited I was when the Pats were down by 2 scores and the Giants were being deflated...
    I was calling friends and talking about how I might have already won and only in week 2....

    Damn you Victor Cruz, Damn you

    1. The VaGiants suck in general. Not as bad as the Iggles or Scumskins though.

  2. We need a recount. Surely New England didn't lose at home to Arizona??

    1. The world as we know it may be coming to an end MOJO.

  3. There's a Thursday game and it's Wednesday, so time for me to get my Week 3 pick into the LD, um, oh wait.