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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MLB Picks, Sept 26th

I don't see anything I like well enough to bet on today's MLB schedule, so I'm going to take a seat on the bench and hope tomorrow brings better options.

Starting Bankroll           $1,500.00
Profit/Loss                     $ 295.75
Current Bankroll            $1,795.75

Action is considered dead unless both listed pitchers start.

All picks are for entertainment purposes only with no guarantees implied. Any money wagered is at your own risk.

Good luck!


  1. You've had a good year. I hope you've done as well (or better) with your "real" picks.

    1. Thanks MOJO.

      Unfortunately, these are my "real" picks. I don't bet any big amounts, just enough to give me a reason to care who wins a game I would otherwise have no interest.

      Same with the college football picks, which I'm showing a small loss thus far :(

      But, hope springs eternal!