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Monday, July 23, 2012

I Lost A Kid

But in a good way.

Since there has been several in our blogging circle tackling weight issues to improve their health, I wanted to share a couple of success stories.

Almost two years ago my daughter ended a relationship and decided it was time to drop some weight. A lot of weight. She started on a vegan diet and combined with an exercise plan, has lost 70 pounds. And has kept it off. She now eats chicken, fish, and turkey, but has stayed away from pork and beef.

Sonny Boy, not to be outdone, tipped the scales on New Years Day at 250 pounds. Although he didn't opt for the vegan diet, he did cut out red meat and started on the PX90 exercise program. Yesterday he told me he was down to 180. His goal is 170, then hold there.

Between the two of them, that's 140 pounds. So I figure that equals one kid.

I know losing weight in your twenties is easier than when you get older, but the fact that both of them were able to formulate a plan, then have the discipline to stick with it makes me a proud papa!

Way to go youngins. Good job!


  1. That's frigging awesome. Huge accomplishments and apropo of have BEAUTIFUL children. OMFG You and Mrs. Duck should keep producing just for aesthetic reasons alone.

  2. Wow -- this is good news, especially good for their health. Yeah, I know it sounds sexist, but it just seems so much harder for women who are overweight than men. We men can get away with almost anything it seems. Your daughter is quite a looker so I am sure this has been a positive in her life. Great job for your son also.

    My mild heart attack certainly caused me to refocus and eating and exercising. The change has been tremendous.

    1. Yeah, I'm especially pleased with the health angle. Diabetes runs in our family, along with heart disease, so at the very least the healthier lifestyle should delay these problems.

  3. That's a big kid. 140 pounds is a smallish adult. Hell, James Madison was 95 pounds when he was President...

    Nice Job Ducklings!

  4. That's it - I now have to lose more than your kids combined!
    I'm shooting for 150 which is 50 pounds lighter than I have ever been at any point in my entire life :)