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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heart Attacks and Straight Flushes

We only had 6 runners show for J-Dawg's Poker Extravaganza Tuesday night. After some burgers and chips with cheese dip, we started pitching cards around 7 o'clock.

From left to right on your radio dial were Farmer Harry, J-Dawg, Ray-Ray, Bobby Dee, Stamps, and your humble blogger. Farmer Harry started hot and stayed hot throughout the evening, even winning the High Hand Jackpot when he rivered an 8 high diamond straight flush in a hand of Omaha High. J-Dawg had a grip on it until then with his quad eights, but it was not to be for our host.

I had a rough night in this $20 buy-in, dealer's choice limit game. I rivered a full house (eights over fives) in a hand of 7-Card Stud and raised a river bet by Bobby Dee. Fortunately, he didn't re-pop me, but only called and tabled Q-Q-Q-8-8 for the bigger full house. Usually a boat when playing stud will win the pot, but not tonight for me!

I also hit for trip fives in a hand of Five Card Draw, but once again got the silver metal when Harry drew a third queen. Yuck.

Harry turned a $30+ profit for the evening, and J-Dawg won $15. The rest of us were sent home licking our wounds, with mine being $12 worth of pain.


I mentioned in an earlier post, the health issues that Tin Man and his wife Lil' Annie Okie have had recently. Annie got a good report from her doctor on Monday and seemed to finally be healing from her major surgical procedure, However, she suffered a setback Tuesday when she suffered a minor heart attack. Two hours and one stent later, she was resting comfortably in ICU. She was moved to a private room yesterday and expects to be released today.

Speaking of stents, Tin Man will have one of two placed in his right leg tomorrow. He had his left leg done last week and I'm sure he will be glad to have this behind him.

Please keep my friends in your thoughts and prayers. They've had a rough go of it recently.

Till next time, win the flips.

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