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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Full Tilt Charged With Theft Of Player's Funds

Looks like the Professor, Jesus, and Rafe get to join the party. Maybe Lederer should have held on to the money he paid back Todd Brunson out of the trunk of his car. I wonder who will be next?

Subject:Poker has the full story.

"The US Department of Justice has amended its Black Friday civil complain to include discussion of alleged “Full Tilt Poker’s and the FTP insider defendants’ theft of player funds.” The new complaint adds three new defendants, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and Rafe Furst. It also alleges that these new defendents together with Ray Bitar committed money laundering, and asks for penalties ranging from $12M for Furst to $42M for Lederer."

I don't know how this will affect our chances of recovering our funds, it's probably not good, but at least it looks like the pricipals might end up paying dearly for their scam.

The DOJ doesn't play nice.

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