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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WSOP "November Nine" Is Set

2011 November Nine
And then there were nine.

Late last night John Hewitt pushed with pocket threes and was called by Eoghan O'Dea's K-J. The flop was Q-10-7, giving O'Dea two over cards and an up and down straight draw. The turn was the ace of hearts, spelling doom for Hewitt and breaking his heart. Bubbling the final table of the Main Event has to be an awful feeling. I'm sure the $600k+ payout will help, but he's got to be crushed.

Here are the chip counts for the November Nine.

Martin Staszko         $40 million
Eoghan O'Dea            34 M
Matt Giannetti            25 M
Phil Collins                24 M
Ben Lamb                  21 M
Badih Bounahra         20 M
Pius Heinz                 16 M
Anton Makievsky      14 M
Sam Holden               12 M

And so we wait.


  1. $600,000+ would help sooth me if I bubbled ...

  2. ha ha, ha when we finally achieved the live stream, it was almost over!


  3. @PNW- At least you're ready for November!

    @ MOJO- Yep, he's in trouble. But one double and he's right back init.

    @ lightning- I figured $600k was just "front pocket" money for you :)