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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vegas Funkadelic Sounds

We decided to stay close to our hotel (Palazzo) and play in the casinos nearby. Beginning at the Wynn, we also played at Treasure Island, Mirage, Harrahs, Imperial Palace, Casino Royale, Venetian and the Palazzo.

Ms.Duck continued to abuse the Dueces Wild video poker machines. The only poker I played yesterday was at Harrahs, where I was reminded of a lesson in good table selection.

When I arrived, there was only one seat available at the $1-2 NLHE table and I didn't want to wait, so I took it. The problem is that there was a kid with a stack north of $1,100, plenty to play the role of table captain. He was 2 seats to my left.

I learned quickly that he was a wild one, once raising 10X BB, blind, then blindly calling a $45 flop bet. His opponent pushed the turn for $98, causing the captain to finally look at his hole cards. He called with fourth pair... and won! His opponent was bluffing, but I just can't see him making that call. I had several "okay" hands, getting A-J three times and medium pocket pairs a couple times, but never connected on the flop. The table captain always raised when entering a pot, usually 5- 10X the big blind, so I was down $100 pretty quickly and decided to cut my losses and look for a better situation.

I wasn't upset with my play, but I made a poor decision by taking a seat at the table. I knew the big stack would be to my left and was aggresive, but I sat down anyway. I wish I had gotten a big hand or two, Maybe the result would have been different.

Ms. Duck and I met at Ghirardelli Chocolate to share a sundae, and oh my was it good! There was a pretty good band playing in the Harrahs Court, covering both funk and disco songs which we enjoyed hearing. The best part was watching the old white people trying to jam to those '70's Funkadelic sounds!

We're heading to Planet Hollywood this morning to eat at PF Changs, then driving over to the Rio to check out the WSOP.

Heading back to Texas tomorrow.

Till next time,win the flips.


  1. The best part was watching the old white people trying to jam to those '70's Funkadelic sounds!

    Haha, makes me laugh just reading this. Good report. Sounds like you are having a great time.

  2. I dunno -- seems to me like it is not a bad risk for a short period to give the table a try in case you hit a monster. Might be an easy double-up.