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Friday, July 22, 2011

Straight Flush For "Big Casino"

We had 10 runners sit down to pitch a few cards last night at J-Dawgs Poker Extravaganza. After chowing down on some chopped brisket sandwiches that Stamps whipped up, we got down to business.

From left to right on your radio dial we had J-Dawg, Dealer Larry, Glass Man, Big Casino, Ray-Ray, Farmer Harry, Bobby Dee, Ollie the Accountant, Stamps, and yours truly.

Big Casino wrapped up the High Hand Jackpot early in the evening in this $20 dealer's choice limit game, when he rivered a popcorn straight flush to the jack. Stamps hit quad kings later in the evening, but it wasn't good enough on this night.

Farmer Harry got off to a slow start, but ended up the big winner on the evening, cashing out for a $15 profit. Big Casino won $11, as did Ollie. Stamps came out ahead by $6, with J-Dawg breaking even. Dealer Larry lost a little, but Glass Man got hit hard, dropping $30. Ouch.

I walked away with a big $1 win. HEE-HAW!

Ms. Duck and I are heading over to Tin Man's tonight for another evening of live poker. His wife, Lil' Annie Okie came thru her surgery okay last Tuesday and should get out of the hospital in another 7-10 days. We'll miss her tonight and look forward to having her back at the table in a week or so.

Till next time, win the flips.

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