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Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Of Those Nites

But in a good way! We only had seven runners show for Tin Man's $5 NLHE Tourney (+$1 bounty) Friday night. Lil' Annie Okie was still in the hospital in San Antonio following her surgery early last week, but was scheduled to get out Saturday and make the trek back to Waco.

From left to right on your radio dial were Ollie the Accountant, Tin Man, Bluffin' Bev, Big Daddy, Philly Phanatic, Ms. Lucki Duck and moi.

Ollie was the first casualty of the evening, and Big Daddy wasn't far behind when Ms. Duck busted him with her top two pair. I felted Tin Man and Bev, with Bev turning over the bounty card and I collected the $7 bounty. Nice start!

Now down to three players, I got the best of Ms. Duck and knocked her out of the tourney on the bubble. The collateral damage from the episode is yet to be determined :)

It took four hands to knock out Philly. I pushed my K-6 for 7BB and he called with Q-J soooted. There was a king in the window and Philly was unable to catch up, giving me the $20 first prize. Sah-weet!

I started fast in the $2 buy-in NLHE cash game, winning two of the first three hands after I sat down. It was a good omen and continued throughout the evening. I hit an extraordinary amount of my draws and was reading the other players well, buying a few pots along the way. When all was said and done, I cashed out for $22, giving me a $40+ profit for the night.

Ollie the Accountant won the High Hand Jackpot with jacks full of nines and cashed out with a $15 profit. Ms. Duck, Tin Man, Philly Phanatic and Bluffin' Bev, all lost a little, but Big Daddy took it on the chin, losing north of $30.

A fun and profitable night of poker. I'm looking forward to seeing Lil' Annie Okie back at the table next week.

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