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Thursday, March 24, 2011

"gg idiot"

I had another good night on the virtual felt. In eight games (four tabling x two) in the $6-18 man tourneys, I had two firsts and one second, for a $50+ profit. SAH-WEET!

In my final game of the evening I was heads up against DR BRUCE, who had a 4 1/2 to 1 chip lead on me. However, the blinds were $1-2k, which gave me a chance even though I only had 2 1/2 BB.

I won a race and doubled, then pushed pre-flop the next hand. DR BRUCE folded, which pretty much evened the match. I called DR BRUCE'S open shove and won another race, which left him with a little over 400 chips.

"gg idiot" pops up in the chat box. Why Dr, what a wonderful bedside manner you have!

I didn't reply, but just enjoyed watching the tilt monster working his magic. Until the RNG decided to screw with me!

The good doctor was all-in pre-flop on the next hand. Although he was drawing to 3 outs on the river, he hit his miracle card. He was AI again the next hand with K-J and I called him with A-J. Dominated again. Once again he binked his three outer on the river.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! appears in the chat box.

Then he won a race and suddenly he has a chance to come back and win. And there's nothing worse than losing to someone who is being an ass.

Fortunately, I was able to toe-tag him on the next hand. Although he had live cards on this one, he didn't improve and that was that.

Isn't it always just a little sweeter when you can felt an opponent that's being a jerk? It's almost like a $5 bonus :o)

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. As you mentioned, tilting and felting morons is almost better than the money. Good job!

  2. You got that right!

    Glad you made it home ok.

  3. Always sweet when that happens. Did you ever notice that most of the people who say things like that have very little understanding of the game itself? All they know are the cards and have no idea of the role odds, outs, stack size and such play in the game.

  4. Almost better but the money makes it that much sweeter. Well done Mr Duck

  5. Sounds like you're hot -- send some of that stuff this way.

  6. @ Wolfman- Exactly. Well put.

    @ Neo- Thank you sir.

    @ MOJO- Ok, here's a little. I can't spare much! :o)