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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mid-Winter Cookout

We had eight runners show at J-Dawgs to pitch a few cards. Bobby Dee threw a few burgers on the grill, a little unusual for mid January, even in the heart of Texas. We hit 80+ degrees today and this evening was perfect for a cookout. Go figure.

I got off to a good start, winning two of the first three hands in this $20 buy-in, dealer's choice limit game, and never looked back. After my quick start I went card dead for the better part of an hour, but picked up a few pots in the last hour of play.

The big pot of the night happened in a hand of Omaha High. I peeked down at double soooted kings and connected when I hit the set on a K-J-8 rainbow flop. Bobby Dee and Stamps both checked, I bet and Farmer Harry, Bobby, and Stamps all called. The turn was another J, giving me the boat. Bobby bet with Stamps calling. I slow-played my monster with Harry coming along for the ride. At this point, I put two of the three of them on jacks full of kings. Bobby started the betting after a blank hit the river and Stamps raised him. I three bet my kings full with Harry and Bobby both calling. Stamps folded his jacks full and Harry tabled a flush. Bobby had the case jack, but it wasn't good enough and I pulled in a nice $18 pot.

Ollie the Accountant won the High Hand Jackpot with aces full of kings. Even with the jackpot he only managed a $2 profit for the night. Ray-Ray and Bobby both lost around $15 on the night, with Farmer Harry, Dealer Larry, J-Dawg, and Stamps all breaking even. I was the big winner with a $34 profit. Sah-weet!

A fun time with good friends, plus I left with a little jingle in my pocket. There are worse ways to spend an evening.

Till next time, win the flips.

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