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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Road Trip To The Dallas Gift Mart

Ms. Duck and I took a road trip to the Dallas Market to look for some new gift items for our store. As I may (or may not) have mentioned in an earlier post, we have a small showroom in a local antique and gift store, which we opened about 15 years ago to help pay for our kid's college expenses. The Dallas Market actually consists of several buildings, including Market Hall and the World Trade Center, and is a massive cathedral to capitalism.

We drove up to "Big D" Friday morning, returning home late Saturday night and found a couple of new lines that we're excited about and feel could be big sellers for us. Being a baseball fan, one of my favorite items was a "classic look" tabletop baseball themed pinball game. It's solid wood, well made, and is a nice sized game. We'll probably shoot for a $100 price point on it.

We also added some new items to some of our established product lines,

like this music box by Mr Christmas, and this Magical Motion clock by Rhythm. I know Gary and Lightning are both big Beatles fans, so I don't know how they'll feel about having some of the Beatles' classic tunes played on a clock : )


We also bought a lot of home accessory items and a few small furniture pieces, including a tooled leather trunk and table set that are pretty unique. "Unique" doesn't always equal "sale" however, so we'll have to wait and see if other folks like it as well as Ms. Duck and I do.

Hopefully, we made some good decisions that will pay off. With both our young'uns in college, we can use the money!


  1. Visited the biz site. Nicely designed and implemented.

    I remember the tin version of the baseball game. Always remember the fold down legs were iffy.

    Duckwise, seems the product line nicely embraces drakes and hens.

  2. My kid LOVES that baseball game!! He says it is "AWESOME!"

  3. @ Ken- Thanks for the ups on the site. Coming from someone who knows about such things (you) to someone who doesn't (me), it means a lot. Thanks!

    And keeping the hens happy is a top priority.

    @ Waffles- Yeah, it's an impressive game. We're also going to carry a smaller version of the same game and sell it for around $30. I hope everyone likes it as well as your son!

  4. That clock has the coolest works I've seen, but the music? "Hey Crude" comes to mind.