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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Gift For Very Josie

Josie mentioned in her blog that she was waiting on a couple of drawings from Waffle's son. She also said that she would like to have a drawing of a Red Sox player or maybe the Sox logo.

Always one who's out to please, it just so happens that I did a portrait of a Red Sox player a few years ago and thought it would give Josie something to enjoy until Waffle's offspring comes thru with the goods.

Enjoy VJ!

Well, it's a former Red Sox player ;^)

Maybe she would like to make it her screensaver!


  1. LOL Aren't you the funny bastard! No I won't be using it as my screensaver, but perhaps for toilet paper. ;)

  2. @ Josie- Be sure to remove the frame first. Gotta watch those splinters . . . especially in sensitive areas!