Current Lines

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Again. We had termites a year ago and had Ladybug Pest Control come out, pull our carpet up in the infested area, drill a couple holes in the foundation, and pour the poison on 'em.

Apparently, it just pissed them off.

So round two is scheduled this week. Hopefully, it will be a KO this time and not just a standing eight count.


Finally got back on the virtual felt after not playing for a few days. I played 13 tourneys of the $6-18 man variety and final tabled 12 of them. Unfortunately, I only cashed in four and ended the evening a $7 loser. Meh.

One interesting hand happened in my final set. One opponent, obviously a graduate of lightning's "Donkey Man Coaching" school, open pushed UTG for 50BB ($1500 at the $15-30 level). He did it again a couple hands later and I was holding A-K soooted. I don't usually play for all my chips this early, but he had already proven he was a wild card. I figured at worst I was flipping, and more than likely I was ahead, possibly even had him dominated. If I didn't take his chips, someone else would. And soon.

This product of lightning's school tables pocket sevens. Crap, flipping for my tourney life five hands in. Brick, brick, brick on the flop. Turn, brick. River, brick.

GG sir.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. I like your call, even though it didn't work out. He could have had A-Q or A-J or all kinds of hands that you'd love to see.

  2. You can obviously see that the coaching paid off! : o )

  3. It's the worst thing in the world when you have someone pegged as a maniac or an idiot and he stumbles onto a hand by accident when you call him out on it.

    Almost as annoying as termites!

  4. @ MOJO- I didn't love the call, but I think it's +EV against this particular opponent.

    @ lightning- yeah, nice job!

    @ G-man- or worse yet, maniac termites.