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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Small Win and A Big Loss

I mentioned in a post last week that my friend and fellow player Woody was gravely ill. Last Monday, his family made the difficult decision of removing his life support and Woody died shortly thereafter.

Woody worked for the Social Security Administration for many years before retiring and opening a real estate business. He was definitely a "people person" and had a multitude of friends.

At the visitation last night, someone put a poker chip in the casket. His son Joe asked me if I had done it. "Naw Joe, it wasn't me. I always tried to TAKE chips from Woody, not give 'em to him!" We had a laugh over that and then I proceeded to blame it on Bobby Dee and Stamps.

We'll be playing tonight at J-Dawg's Poker Extravaganza and will honor Woody in some way. Perhaps something as simple as an empty chair at the table, but he will be remembered. And missed.

Please keep Woody's family in your thoughs and prayers. Especially around 1:30 CDT today when his funeral begins.


I had a decent night on the virtual felt last night. I was four tabling, with three $6-18 man turbos going along with the Very Josie Tourney. I finished my first set and when I looked closely at the Josie, VJ had over $12k! Wow.

"How did VJ get all those chips?" I asked. The only reply was from Waffles. "Chip dump." I think he was kidding, but with Waffles you never know.

It seems like every time I'm at a table with Josie she has a big stack of chips in front of her. I've read some of the other bloggers call her a "card rack," but it's gotta be more than that. I know she values position highly. You seldom see her playing a big pot out of position. She'll 3 bet hands more than most players and will C-bet almost 100%. If she fires a second bullet, you're probably behind.

I think I'll probably just single table the next Very Josie tournament and pay a little more attention to VJ's game. Plus it will allow me to join in the banter with the rest of the crew.

Apparently the banter got a little out of hand on the other table, with Bam-Bam posting the he is tiring of it. I don't know what happened, but geez folks, we're there to have a good time. We've all heard Matasow's line, "Kiddie game's down the street." Well, this IS the kiddie game he's referring to. Relax and enjoy.

I wasn't able to win a tourney last night, but got a couple of second places and a chop, finishing the evening with a $25 profit. Nothing earth shattering, just a small win, but I'll take it.


  1. Ducky,

    Most importantly, I am so sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for playing last night and well done in coming in 2nd. I covet your patience.

    No, neither waffles nor anyone else chip dumped, I was just doing my thang.

    Yes everyone calls me luck box, card rack, but you dear sir are a bit smarter than the others....let them think that, so long as they give me their chips. As I said to lightning when he repeatedly paid me off last night "Did you see the big bet? That's a tell so use it."

    People just love to give me action and I love to take it when I get the cards.

  2. I was surprised to see that you made such a comeback in the VJ. Great job! If only I had won that coin flip with you ...

    We had to take my father off life support at the end. I can not possibly describe the intense pain I felt that afternoon. Your friends need all the gentle support everyone can offer. Sorry for your loss.

  3. Josie never folds. Period. A lot of times this gets her in a nice spot with a big stack. People continue to not believe her or try and bluff her off her TP shit kicker hands and it NEVER works. This is why she has a HUGE stack early. She almost NEVER has a draw in the spots she is betting.

    Her TP hands hold up. People think she might consider a hand and fold but she does not. People thing she is bluffing when she jams but she is not.

    She has the perfect style for tourneys and I would expect her to win some big ones in the future.

  4. only reply was from Waffles. "Chip dump."

    I dumped a few. Board came J-10-5. I had J-10 in the hole, one villain had K-K (and was way behind) and VJ had pocket 5-5, oops.

    It's 1:05, I'll think good thoughts for Woody for the next few.

  5. Oh, I almost forgot -- congrats on second.

  6. Duck, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I like the idea of an empty chair, that's very thoughtful.

    Here's the secret to Josie's success: She plays poker bare-chested.

    And I agree with you completely regarding the banter, if you could call it that. There's just no reason to deliberately try to annoy someone in a ten-buck game. It's classless and crass as all hell. I hope whoever did that gets what's coming to him.

  7. Thanks for the condolences everyone. It was a nice service with Bobby Dee, Ray Ray, Dealer Larry, Stamps, Cell and myself attending.

    @ G-Man- "Here's the secret to Josie's success: She plays poker bare-chested."

    Me too, but it doesn't seem to help :o(

  8. Maybe we can have a contest between Lucki and Joe C to see who has the hairier chest?

  9. @ lightning- LOL!

    HEY, wait a minute...